Things To Consider Before Renting Out An Apartment/Condo

Do you own an apartment or condo that wish to rent out? Even though it sounds simple and no big deal, renting out your property can actually be tedious. And the aftermath of renting out can sometimes become a real headache. As it is said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Read on the tips every landlord or landlady and corporation planning on renting out a condo or apartment should know.  

Check the legality

First and foremost, when you decide on renting out an apartment or condo make sure to check on the legal aspect of it. The laws may differ from region to region. There are legal restrictions on the number of people who live in a single unit. And there are also legal restrictions on the renting out process. So make sure you are aware of all the legal processes. You may also be required to special agreements for apartment for rent in Pattaya if there is any special cases.

Set the rules

As the owner, you will have the privilege to set the rules. However, it is important to set rules that make sense and is important. Also make sure that the rules you set are clearly communicated with your tenants. Whether it is a long term rental or a short term one make sure to set the rules clearly for Phuket apartments for rent. For instance, a common rule in condos and apartments is that you cannot disturb other tenants with loud noise. If you’re against having pets in the apartment or condo make sure you get someone who doesn’t have pets. As it is not sensible to get a tenant who has a pet and then after all the formalities are done you inform them that they can’t bring in their pets.

Have interviews

When putting up your apartment or condo for rent, make sure to have interviews one to one, with the prospective tenants. A direct experience on how your would-be tenants actually look and behave is very important. Even though it is a known fact that one should never judge a book by its cover. We, can as humans sense a person’s personality and attitudes to certain extent through the first meeting. So by having an interview you will be able to sniff out those tenants who would most probably end up being a pain to you!

Live and Let Live

This is something most owners tend to forget. Even after giving out their apartment or condo, they come barging in with a new set of rules every other day. And also try to enforce unwanted regulations on the tenants. There are some apartment owning corporations who don’t maintain their end of the bargain most of the time in terms of repairs. It is important that you give your tenants some privacy and not barge in with a new rule every day. If you live in the same condo, make sure to be nice. A simple smile and a hello would do the trick!