Wellington – A Guide For Budget Travelers

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is one of the best places to visit if you are looking to travel within a strict budget limit. This beautiful city has so much to offer. The scenic sights, priceless experiences of Wellington won’t harm your pocket. But, if you are really looking forward to cut down the costs follow these great tips. You will be entitled to one amazing adventure which won’t be expensive.


When you arrive to the city, take the bus instead of some taxi or so. Even if you get a uber, you will still be spending unnecessary amounts of cash to travel. Once you land on the Wellington Airport, take the air port bus to your accommodation in wellington cbd. It will be super cheap and you will be able to enjoy a nice experience. After all, when traveling by bus you will be able to live like a real citizen of the country.


Wellington is a city that provides many hotels, hostels in Wellington and so. Out of all these you will have the option to select expensive or cheap accommodation wellington. So, before you land on Wellington go through different websites and compare the prices. The Hostels offered to Backpackers are the cheapest form of accommodation. Opt for such a choice and your pocket will be safe. But, keep in mind that during the off season its almost impossible to book such a hostel. It is always better to pre-book it earlier.

Free or Cheap Things to do

The best part about Wellington is that it is perfect for the budget traveler. They offer their best experiences either for free or they charge a very cheap and reasonable price. From the great museums to some amazing cafes, restaurants and shops. This city offers some absolutely remarkable views. Thereby, it is perfect for sightseeing. Also, these attractive destinations aren’t far from one another. You can simply walk to them. This again will save your money. If you really want to tackle almost the whole city within one route, then the walkway from the city to the sea is a must. It’s about 12 KM. But the challenge will be worth it as you will be passing through the key sights of the City.

Wellington is one rare place that offers great experiences, delicious food, decent accommodation and all for a very reasonable price. It is ideal for the budget traveler. But, no matter how cheap or free all this is, the experience and the adventure that you will gain will be priceless.