Cheap Accommodation Options When Travelling

People travelling on a budget could find very cheap places to stay in any destination if they look in the right places. There are many a place which offer cheap accommodation precisely because there is a high demand for budget travel in this day and age, and most youngsters travel with very little money on their hands. Businesses have grasped this concept and have come up with many alternatives to accommodation options rather than fancy hotels. Lodging is among the most expensive ordeals when travelling abroad, make sure to look for the cheapest places to stay!

Short term room rentals

One can find many apartments for rent for shorter time periods when travelling abroad. You can use websites like,, etc to obtain full apartments for very low rates. This is an ideal option if you are travelling with a bunch of friends because then you can spilt the amount amongst yourselves, which is even cheaper. Short term room rentals might also mean that you’ll have to stay in a spare room in somebody’s house for a couple days, so if you like meeting new people and seeing how they live, this would be an ideal option for you!

Religious Housing

Most catholic churches offer accommodation for travelers from abroad. They may not be the most comfortable and most convenient, but you barely have to pay for staying the night there. Affordable lodging is offered through temples and monasteries in many countries, be sure to talk right, and then you might be able to find a cheap place to stay. You can use sites like to find these options.


Commonly known as youth hostels, these are mostly popular among the budget travelers and have been a booming business for the owners since of late due to the sheer popularity of hostels for travelers. You will have to share a dorm or even a bed with a couple of strangers for a very small price, and if you have no problem with this, you will find that this method of accommodation is very cheap. These are ideal for backpackers because there is very little personal space in hostel with shared bathrooms too. It is an ideal option for the thrill and adventure seekers! Although Hong Kong serviced apartment would be a safer option, staying in a hostel is good if you’re traveling alone.

Given above are some of the cheapest accommodation options one could find when travelling abroad. If you look in the right places in the vast internet, you will find interesting cheap options.